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Children like little Clara Ann are counting on you for help

When you give to the BCCNS Life Support Network's Annual Fund, you help sick children, adult survivors and families battling BCCNS. It's a devastating, debilitating disease with life-altering affects that begin early in childhood. At the Network, we're doing everything we can to provide support and play a strong role in the discovery of more effective treatments to help people affected by BCCNS.

You can help with your gift today.

If you or someone you love is living with Basal Cell Carcinoma Nevus Syndrome (BCCNS), you know the severe physical and emotional pain it can cause.

For two-year-old Clara Ann and her family, BCCNS has begun to descend upon their lives.

Since her frightening diagnosis in 2012, Clara Ann has developed hundreds of basal cell cancers and must be shielded from the sun as much as possible to help prevent the growth and spreading of these cancers. As time goes on, Clara Ann may suffer with some of the most serious manifestations of BCCNS, which include invasive, disfiguring jaw cysts and life-threatening brain tumors.

Every day, Clara Ann's mom and dad, Kristy and Michael, must "divide and conquer." To make sure her sun exposure is kept at a minimum, Kristy often stays indoors with Clara Ann while Michael takes their five unaffected children outdoors for activities like playing in the backyard in the middle of the day.

As you can imagine, this separation is heartbreaking for Clara Ann.

When her brothers and sisters are outside happily playing without her, Clara Ann can usually be found pressed up against a window, waving and knocking, trying to be a part of the fun in any way she can.

For this close-knit family, who once treasured time together out in the sun on summer strolls and carefree beach vacations, these opportunities to bond as one big, happy group are simply not possible any longer.

Fear, frustration, distress, uncertainty and being divided as a family. These are feelings that overwhelm this family every single day because of BCCNS.

Naturally, Kristy and Michael worry that what they're experiencing now may only be the beginning of what's to come for Clara Ann. They live in constant fear about health challenges and quality of life burdens that lurk ahead.

BCCNS has invaded the daily consciousness of their family. From morning 'til night, they make lifestyle adjustments, get Clara Ann the care she needs, cope with emotional pain, and wrestle with a long list of lingering, unanswered questions about what the future holds for her.

But, one bright light has been the BCCNS Life Support Network. Amidst the dark clouds of Clara Ann's BCCNS diagnosis, Kristy and Michael are so thankful to have the Network as a go-to resource.

As Kristy explains, "Right after the diagnosis, I was able to talk to a caring, knowledgeable person on the phone who immediately began helping us navigate the murky waters we were thrust into. I'm very hopeful and reassured by all of the Network's efforts in education, support and research. And it's really nice to turn to the Network's Facebook group for answers to questions that come up."

The reason we were able to answer the call for help from this family - and thousands of others we've assisted - is because caring people like you have financially supported our life-changing work.

And now, more than ever, we're counting on you - little Clara Ann is counting on you - to help make sure the Network continues and grows in everything we do to serve as a lifeline to affected survivors and their families.

Give now to help the Network do more for patients like Clara Ann.


During this important giving season throughout the holidays and year-end, the Network is continuing its 2013 Annual Fund Campaign with an exciting, ambitious goal of raising $60,000 by December 31.

You can help us reach this goal so we can maintain and step up everything we're doing to support patients and fuel life-saving BCCNS research.

With your gift today to our Annual Fund, you'll help patients and their families:

  • Secure an earlier diagnosis so they can receive proper treatment quicker, which can make a world of difference in reducing severity of symptoms, number of needed surgeries and financial burdens.
  • Keep informed and empowered with accurate, up-to-date BCCNS news and educational materials via our website, quarterly newsletter and print/online library, which helps patients and families make smart, informed decisions about care and treatment.
  • Benefit from all of our supportive services including medical assistance; gifts of cheer through The Sunshine Club; and the sharing of helpful tips, resources and messages of encouragement between patients and families through connections we foster via phone, email and social media.
  • Have more hope for better treatments through funding of the most promising research being done by brilliant scientists who've dedicated their lives to finding improved therapies and a cure.

Plus, your gift will support many important capacity-building efforts we are undertaking to build the Network into an even stronger organization that can accomplish more now and in the years to come.


You can make your gift even more special by making it a tribute. When you give in honor of someone or in memory of a loved one lost but not forgotten, we'll send a lovely notification in a beautifully-designed card to anyone you designate. You can also include a personal message if you'd like.

Click here to see our "In Honor" and "In Memory tribute" cards.

Making a gift to the Network that shows care and compassion for others is a meaningful and gracious way of expressing your sentiments at the holidays or for other special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

This year, in lieu of or in addition to traditional holiday gifts, why not make a donation to our organization in honor of family, friends and business colleagues on your gift-giving list? A BCCNS tribute gift is the perfect way to honor people who've touched your life and warm their hearts at their holidays.


Thank you for giving generously to the Network's 2013 Annual Fund Campaign. Your donation is needed urgently and will go straight to work helping thousands of patients suffering with the debilitating effects of BCCNS.


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Contact us a 440.834.0011 to donate via credit card or stock transfer.


Mail your check payable to the BCCNS Life Support Network with our donation form to:
BCCNS Life Support Network, PO Box 321, Burton, OH 44021.


On behalf of every patient and loved one who'll benefit from your generosity, THANK YOU for being a beacon of hope and healing.

From your friends at BCCNS,

Bill Ginn, Pres.

Kristi Schmitt Burr, Dir.

Sheila LaRosa, Admin.

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