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Links to Useful Resources


Online Support


Find a Mohs Surgeon

American Academy of Dermatology

Find an Oral/Maxillofacial Surgeon

American Cancer Society

Find a Plastic Surgeon

Cleft Palate Foundation

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer

Coalition of Skin Disease

Cancer 101

Genetic Alliance

Gorlin Syndrome Group UK

National Cancer Institute

My LifeLine

NCI-Designated Cancer Centers

Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Support

National Comprehensive Cancer Network

Photodynamic Therapy Information

National Organization of Rare Diseases


Roswell Park Cancer Institute


Skin Cancer Foundation


Global Resources

Dermatology Trials Australia

Australian Gorlin Syndrome Mutual
Support Group (AGSMSG)

Dr. David Bickers

Basaliome-Gorlin Goltz e.V. (Germany)

Dr. Ervin Epstein

BCCNS Life Support Network Canada

Dr. John Hellstein

Gorlin Syndrome Group
(United Kingdom)


Gorlin Syndrome Australia Blog

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